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beginning of my awesome apx career

May. 9th, 2009 | 05:04 pm
mood: amused amused
music: cold play viva la vida

I never really realized how much I count on the people around me for interaction.. I mean in general I don't really go out a ton and be friends with strangers its more of the people I talk to on a regular basis even people I play xbox with... I guess its more of I have a set socal group... and being out here deling with people who are not in my social group is hard. Like I have zach and we have our apartment together and that's all great and all...but I can't stand him after awhile I do want to kill him...but if I didn't have him I would have gone crazy already. All the guys we are working with are pretty cool but they have a completely different sence of humor than me and so that's kinda hard and if they arnt married then they have their set friends that they hangout witth so that's hard I guess what's really bothering me is interaction with people...and one thing that drives me nuts is that they don't even listen to me when I,m talking they will just start talking over me and talk about something else which is completely rude
Some thing that I find funny is that I did the gallon challenge when u drink a whole gallon of milk in an hour and try not to puke... well the first time I did it I only had a 1/4 a cup left and puked and then the second time I did it it didn't go well.. and I probally only drank half and puked...my sales have not been up but I guess I haven't been fully commited cuz its been hard like I think I need a routine and a schedule to follow and everyone knows I hate schedules but its something I will have to get use to maybe ill just be crazy on sundays...lol

Oh and I hooked up with one of the boys here and like I thought he was a good mormon boy but I guess not... but now he dosnt talk to me....I dunno I know its nothing I did wrong.. I think its more of I got what I want now I'm done and I get it cuz I am like that sometimes...and that's just part of like...
My job I'm so getting more comfortable with because I have my sales pitch down and and I'm getting comfortable being where I'm at.. so I expect things to pick up... this week coming up is gonna be awesome and start my amazing apx career so I can get my million sales and my pink vw bug... and my cute house and anything else that I want... and it will be awesome not to hae to rely on anyone and just be doing things for my self..and I pretty much am doing does things now I'm even taking care of zach buying grocerys and everything for our house... we thought about getting a kitten I think its just weird for bboth of us having such a quiet empty place... and ultimately I do want my own place but somewhere that inspires me to write and paint even if its not nature but beng in nature makes me realize so much.. I want to get a couch for my porch so I can just chill and watch the pond and the sunset.. that's all for now

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Nov. 4th, 2007 | 04:55 pm
location: my house
mood: happy happy
music: piece of me brittney spears

here are some pictures from my utah trip i had so much fun. i totally missed katie...and normal life i had lots of dates, talked to alot of strangers, and almost got hit on by like 3 people in the pheonix air port. i love traveling. and actually utah isnt that bad i actually like the people there and the atmosphere is nice and calm not rush rush rush like it is here in california. i have lots of decisions to make...where should i move to should i finish school? what school should i go to? things of that nature. i happen to be so over kenneth it isnt even funny.  im looking forward to who is next in my life. but im not gonna go looking for it. if it happens then it will happen. i just need to focus on everything else around me and get all my shit together.  

us being happy

these are our angry faces cuz stupid passive agressive chris wasnt taking the right pictures ass face

katie and chris swenson from high school                                 and katie and her boyfriend jeff

us again

us being excited

and jeff said show me your boobs lol

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(no subject)

Oct. 27th, 2006 | 03:36 pm

i have become even more nerdy... i have joined the world... of war craft... and i like it... ok im gonna shower then go play

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teddy giger

Oct. 11th, 2006 | 04:08 pm
location: my house
mood: happy happy
music: weird al

ok so i was just playing online...and well there was this picutre of a guy called teddy gieger... and i decided he looks alot like haily duff...
i just think they look a little similar maybe it is the nose...

this weekend kenneth is taking me to sea world, and the san diego zoo that will be funnnnn........  oh and this is pretty funny

" class="ljvideo">

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(no subject)

Jul. 9th, 2006 | 12:08 pm

well it was my birthday... and i didnt really do anything besided float around in the pool
we moved to a house its kinda old but it has a pool so i dont really car the sucky part is that i have to share a bathroom with everyone again... but what can u do im just happy we got a house... i saw pirates on firday cuz it was kylees birthday and they rented out the theater how nice huh ok im off to play with kenneth oh i finally finished the 5th harrry potter and we just started on the 6th one yesterday im so excited to see what happens!! lol... ok thats all

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Jun. 17th, 2006 | 04:24 pm

life is pretty much still falling apart. my family is still trying to survive. i got put on 2 antidepressants the other day. we have to be out of our house on the 30th and we have no money and cant find another house. life is just dandy huh? no. life is crap. but things with  me and kenneth are good. i  love him. school starts on monday and im not to happy about it but yet at the same time i am happy about it. i need dollars. and i need to stop being depressed. i miss katie and i would do anything if she could come visist me next weeekend and help me pack my room. she has helped me pack so many times i cant do it with out her. and she dosent have money to come visist me and i dont have money to fly her out here. and im very very sad i keep trying to pack my room but i end up layign on my floor in piles of clothes. hahah. pathetic.

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geeking out

May. 27th, 2006 | 12:21 pm
mood: i dont know. i dont know.

recently i have become more of a geek if that is even possible... but yeah ok... so ive been addicted to oblivion...and a couple nights ago ive been playing magic. yes magic cards who the hell would have thought? steve ur probally reading this saying... what the heck...she was always against that stuff... lol next thing you know ill be playing d&d hahaha... who knows. alright
 oh and i got a tetnes shot today because there is a rusty spot in my bathtub and i cut my foot on it. 
ok im gonna do my hair get pretty and go to kenneths.

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May. 18th, 2006 | 01:26 pm

lets see.. oh i need a job..but i dont know where to look... thats all.

and this is my kitty tango sleeping in a bass drum 

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new phone number

May. 18th, 2006 | 01:00 pm

hey i got a new phone number so if you really want it let me know because...well because ill give it to you. i was getting random phone calls from different states...and there are alot of people i dont want to get a hold of me...so yeah.. so if we are friends... ill give it to you
oh... and i got a kitten named tango... and i love her.

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wow...where have i been?

May. 3rd, 2006 | 01:36 pm
location: my house?
mood: intresting intresting

hi hi hi... i thought maybe just maybe i would do a real up date since i havent since god knows when. anyway my parents are at a confrence in redding and i am watching the kids... last night i took them to see benchwarmers and then we came home and montana was missing... i took the van to drive around the neighborhood...zach my 15 year old brother found him because someone put up a sign and he took my dads truck and drove to their house...i was furious but like he cares. lol anyway things with me and kenneth are still really good i love him tons...he got an xbox 360 a couple weeks agoand we have been playing oblivion elder scrolls...and i actually like that game...which is weird cuz i hate adventure games...lol and ive also been playing animal crossing for my ds...and im really excited for when harvest moon comes out yay ok thats all i have to do my hair get dressed and go pick up the kids. i really dont want a bajillion kids let me tell you maybe like 2 kids...lol but i guess having your own kids is different then watching your siblings. oh and ive been feeling really fat lately...lol since you all want to know that. ok thats really all if u wanna know anything else just reply or something and ill answer...ok never mind...
love you all!
p.s. i LOVE the song miss new booty by bubba sparks and the ying yang twins... HAHA...and everytime i say i wanna hear it on the radio and i sing the "booty booty booty rockin everywhere" then i check the stations and i comes on...lol i absolutely love love love thaty song which is rather sad.

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